"Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable" - Margaret Lawrence

The Buddhist word for compassion, Karuna, means not only the desire to ease the pain of another but also the ability to do so, through deep looking, and understanding the nature of the suffering in order to help bring about change. Knowledge and understanding go hand in hand in this process. This is the aim of Karuna Counselling & Psychotherapy, to help ease your pain and bring about change in your life.

Lynn McGlynn MIACP, is a fully accredited, professionally qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, based in Dublin, with a diploma in person centred counselling. She is accredited with and adheres to the strict code of ethics and practice as outlined by the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (I.A.C.P.).

Karuna Counselling & Psychotherapy, established by Lynn McGlynn, offers a calm space in which you can explore the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. Whether you have an immediate issue you need to work on or would like to develop your awareness and capacity for understanding yourself more fully, Karuna Counselling offers a warm, caring and non-judgemental place for you to take that step.

Lynn's style of work is Humanistic and Integrative, meaning that she combines a variety of techniques and approaches from schools of therapy such as Psychoanalysis, Person Centred, Gestalt, and Cognitive therapies.

Karuna Counselling offers humanistic, person-centred counselling, helping individuals identify and resolve their personal difficulties regardless of how daunting they may seem. In addition to individual counselling for adults and teenagers over 15 years of age, we also provide Couple Counselling sessions and Employee Assistance Programmes. Corporate clients include the Commission for Energy Regulation, LMP Oils Batteries and Filters, amongst others.

All persons seeking help are acknowledged as physical, spiritual, psychological and social beings. While each person is regarded as a unique individual, we also recognise that within the ‘self’ there are depths that reach beyond our individuality to a connectedness with life itself and the people around us, from which we derive both sustenance and meaning in our lives.