"Things do not change, we change" - Henry David Thoreau

We all experience anger. At times it can be a positive force, alerting us that something is wrong, protecting us from harm or urging us to action or change in a positive way.

However, anger can also be a negative force, damaging relationships, causing ill-health and stress. When we experience anger our inner peace immediately disappears and our body becomes tense. It causes us to be restless, makes it difficult for us to sleep and takes the joy from almost everything we experience while we are angry. It has the ability to make us miserable and the longer we hold onto anger the longer we are miserable.

Poorly managed anger can be costly in many areas of our lives, emotionally, physically and even financially if it affects our ability to function well in our workplace.

If you feel that your anger is affecting you in a negative way, getting out of control or impacting on your relationships counselling can help you to handle it better. When we understand why we are angry and can identify where our anger is coming from we can then find better ways to deal with how we feel.

Anger management techniques, together with an understanding of why we are angry, can be highly effective in teaching us how to deal with anger in a positive way and reduce the stress we experience as we encounter challenging situations in all areas of our lives. By letting go of anger we can experience our lives more fully.