Marianne’s Mindful Moments every Monday evening and Thursday morning – 8 live consecutive sessions for €20

Marianne’s_Mindful_ Moments.

Every Monday evening: 20.00 – 20.30hrs. (GMT)


Every Thursday morning:  07.00 – 07.30hrs (GMT)

Live, on-line sessions over zoom.

€20 for 8 consecutive live sessions per month – combination of  1 live evening mindful relaxation and 1 live morning mindful relaxation per week

Rolling sessions – you can commence any Monday/Thursday and begin your 4 weeks then.

‘An invitation to take some time out just for you’

#30 minutes a week

# A quiet space.

#Just Breathe.

#Focus on self-care.

#Focus on self-compassion.

#An inspirational start to your week and your morning.

#Grounding exercises


#Present Moment Awareness.

Once payment is processed you will receive a weekly email inviting you to the live session each Monday evening from 20.00 – 20.30hrs (GMT) and each Thursday morning from 07.00 – 07.30hrs. (GMT)

Interaction from participants is not required, allowing you space for deep listening and self-reflection, to experience calm and relaxation. You have the choice to activate your video or not.

‘It is your space and your time, and your choice to take this half-hour….just for you.’

After each 4 weeks you will have the option to rejoin for another 4 weeks (8 sessions per month).

The option to rejoin after each 4 weeks allows you the choice and the flexibility to agree to commit to yourself each time.